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Gethsemane Bible

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The Garden of Gethsemane sits at the foot of the Mount of Olives where Jesus famously wept and prayed. While his disciples slept, Scripture tells us that Jesus stepped a little farther into the garden to be alone with God. We see His humanity as He begs the Father to take this cup from Him‚ if there was any way for Him to evade His fate on the cross, could it be? In his godliness He accepted the cross, and defeated death.

It is believed that in Gethsemane you will find the oldest standing olive trees in the world. The olive branch is a universal sign for peace (something each of our hearts long to receive). It was fitting to design this Bible with a simple Olive branch, and Micah 5:5 on the back: He will be our Peace.

Whether you are drawn to the deep emerald green of this Bible, the hand drawn olive branch, or the words chosen for the back, our prayer is that you would fall more and more in love with God through time spent with Him in His Word.