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By Faith | Galatians Study

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The gospel changes everything for us as believers in Christ. It should cause us to live differently as we walk in freedom. But what does it look like as Christians to live by faith in light of the gospel?

By Faith is a 6-week study that equips believers to:

Embrace the beauty of the gospel and its impact on our everyday lives.
Understand the purpose of the Law and good works in the Christian life.
Walk in the freedom provided through Christ’s sacrificial death.
Special resources within study:

Map of Paul’s Journey from Jerusalem to Damascus
Running the Race: The Process of Sanctification
What is the Gospel?
Key themes: The Gospel, Justification, Sanctification, Faith, Freedom in Christ

This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.
Measures 8x10
Includes 163 pages